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One word describes Callanetics exercises; unique. By isolating muscle groups and using tiny, precise (yet powerful) movements, Callanetics exercises tighten.EN FDU 2004-E General safety instructions If an extension cord is used, always check whether its technical parameters match the information specified in the type label of the power.

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4 Desactiva todos los componentes del equipo antes de cambiar cualquier conexión del mismo. Héél belangrijk Bij het maken van de verbindingen: 4 Zorg dat niet alleen de CD14, maar de gehele installatie uitstaat, als nog niet alle verbindingen : CallaneticsEvolution DVD : Exercise And Fitness Video Recordings : Sports & Outdoors.

Dycal provides potential for improved esthetics, as well as clinically proven performance with quick set times and excellent handling characteristics. The Radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide Composition protects the pulp and promotes the formation of secondary dentin to ensure confidence in performance.Unlimited streaming of the entire Callanetics video library.

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We're celebrating 35 years of Callanetics with the launch of a brand new website, Instructor Training program and other exciting ways to experience the benefits .Define dyscoria. dyscoria synonyms, dyscoria pronunciation, dyscoria translation, English dictionary definition of dyscoria. dyscoria. Translations. English: dys·co·ri·a n. discoria, pupila deformada. Dyscoria - definition of dyscoria by The Free Dictionary.

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